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Your dog, but tiny.

Hi! My name is Tina and I sell handmade, needle-felted miniature dogs.
Send me a picture of your dog to get it tinyfied!

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What's a TinyDog?

TinyDogs are miniature needlefelt versions of your fluffy friends. They're great as presents or memorabilia!

  • 100% custom & handmade from natural sheep wool
  • Around 5cm (2in) tall
  • Poseable (they contain a wire skeleton)
  • Long & short hair possible
  • Toys & accessoires optional

Read more in the FAQs

a tinydog fits in the palm of my hand, the original dog in the background

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a TinyDog?

Use the contact form below or send me an email with pictures of your dog. I will give you an estimate on the price and crafting time, and work with you to make your own custom TinyDog.

What kind of pictures do you need?

It would be ideal if you can provide me with four pictures of your dog:

  • frontal / face
  • left side
  • right side
  • rear / tail

If you don't have all these, we'll work something out.

How are TinyDogs made?

All TinyDogs are unique and hand-made. They are needle felted from mulesing-free sheep wool, wire, glass or plastic eyes and hand sculpted noses made from polymer clay.

How long does it take to make one?

It depends on the dog, but it roughly takes 10-15 hours to make a TinyDog.

How much does a TinyDog cost?

Every dog is different. Since there are great variations in material and work hours, the price depends on what you want. Send me a picture and I'll give you a free quote!

How do I take care of my TinyDog?

The best spot to pick up your TinyDog is on its sides. Keep in mind that the fur will flatten if touched too often (especially with fluffy dogs). Do not get them wet.

Shipping sometimes causes a bad hair day for your TinyDog. Never pull on loose strands, however you can carefully cut them or slightly move them around (e.g. with a tooth pick). It can happen that your TinyDog arrives a teeny bit skewed, or the angle of the tail/ears is imperfect. Don't worry about that - you can adjust them yourself easily. Also remember that there is wire in the legs, so you can just carefully move them yourself- if you like, I can send you a picture of your TinyDog as a reference.

What kind of payment options do you offer?

My preferred payment method is PayPal, but we can figure out alternatives (wire transfer, PaySafe etc.) if necessary.

Which countries do you ship to & how much is it?

I'm based in Austria and can ship to (almost) anywhere in the world - however shipping fees vary. Let me know your location and I can give you an estimate of the shipping cost beforehand.

Do you make cats as well?

No :)

Get a TinyDog!

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